Monday, 9 November 2015

Things I've made:

10-ton 30 feet high nut-cracking contraption, miniature clockwork robots, milk exploder, apple squashers, feather oiler, chicken feeders, comedy mouse traps, man traps, tidal-powered jumping machines, clockwork bouncing tape measures, Viking burials, humanoid robots for Nasa, water squirter for kindergarten, drawbridge-powered coffee grinders, pepper grinding trebuchet, seagull-triggered fog horns, thespian operated fire-breathing dragon, self-welding contraptions, axe clocks, time bombs, collapsing ladders, wine bottle exploders, medieval siege engines, giant dangerous kitchen utensils, oversized horological oddities, fruit bazookas, jack-in-a-box flying steam train, and flaming baguette cannons.   

1 comment:

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