Monday, 9 November 2015


As you can probably see, a fancy website isn't really my priority… Please refer to for some videos of my contraptions.
Or gimme a ring: 07866 224414 or email:  

Things I've made:

10-ton 30 feet high nut-cracking contraption, miniature clockwork robots, milk exploder, apple squashers, feather oiler, chicken feeders, comedy mouse traps, man traps, tidal-powered jumping machines, clockwork bouncing tape measures, Viking burials, humanoid robots for Nasa, water squirter for kindergarten, drawbridge-powered coffee grinders, pepper grinding trebuchet, seagull-triggered fog horns, thespian operated fire-breathing dragon, self-welding contraptions, axe clocks, time bombs, collapsing ladders, wine bottle exploders, medieval siege engines, giant dangerous kitchen utensils, oversized horological oddities, fruit bazookas, jack-in-a-box flying steam train, and flaming baguette cannons.   

Clients list:

In no particular order; The science museum, Kevin McCloud, Stephen Fry, Eden Project, Absolute vodka, The Sultan of Brunei, Fatboy Slim, World Economic Forum, BBC, Blue Peter, Bristol old Vic, Warner Bros, Heston Blumenthal, Grand designs, Giuseppe Tornatore, local schools, parks, theatre groups, charities...